I Was So Frustrated Before…

No matter what I did, I couldn’t lose weight – Until I met Dr. Burr. I had been gaining weight slowly for years, and finally I had enough. Dr. Burr’s program was easy to follow, and I had such fast results! Not only do I look so much better, but I feel better too!… Read more “I Was So Frustrated Before…”


I Am Not Giving Up My Coffee!

I lost my dad at a very young age, so as I got older, my health became a big concern for me. Not only that, but my whole body was in pain. I needed to make a change, and this was it! Thank you so muc… Read more “I Am Not Giving Up My Coffee!”


I Wanted Results Quickly

Being a weight loss coach, I knew that I needed to do something different – and I was blown away with my results! I wanted my old life back, and Dr. Burr helped me get it. I can’t thank him enou… Read more “I Wanted Results Quickly”


I Lost Over 3 Stone!

On other diets, we always looked for something wrong so that we had a reason to quit…but with Dr. Burr’s, I couldn’t find anything wrong! We are so happy we couldn’t! We started losing weight right away, and are still losing weight. We wer…… Read more “I Lost Over 3 Stone!”

Mike and Nancy

I Had Tried Everything…

I was afraid I would need to have a limb cut off because of diabetes. Not anymore! I felt like my body was dying, and I didn’t know where to go. Then I found Dr. Burr, and everything has changed.… Read more “I Had Tried Everything…”


Even My Sister’s Dog Lost Weight

Dr. Burr’s program works! I craved chocolate, hated greens, and loved ice cream – I didn’t think I would be able to do it. The program was much easier than I thought, and I feel so much bett… Read more “Even My Sister’s Dog Lost Weight”


Fast & Healthy Results

While some people are content with slow and steady, we have found over the 25+ years of helping people that many want fast results to prove this will work for them.

Yes we will help you get fast results to encourage your success, but we will only do this when we are 100% sure that it is also healthy for you. Nothing we do is harmful or unhealthy for your body.

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Creative Solutions

At Doctors Weight Loss in Spring Hill, we know that you have unique challenges/difficulties getting to your target weight, feeling your best, and looking your best. That is why you're reading this.

After doing this for so many years, there is not a challenge that we haven't heard and been able to help someone overcome.  We have unique and proven strategies to make this weight loss process as easy and effective as possible - even with the most difficult cases.

Let Dr. Burr's 25+ years of experience help you!

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Everyone loves our programs with the great life changing results they get. Apart from results, affordability is the next concern. Doctors typically charge $300-$400 for a similar consultation.

We know you want to feel and look better. We also know that you want to be sure you can feel comfortable financially while getting our help.  Our promise is that we can make it work in almost anyone's budget.

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